All Rock Manor orders placed through our web store will typically be shipped within 7 days (usually sooner) from the regional hub closest to your address where stock is available. If you're seeing high shipping costs, it is likely that stock is currently only available at a regional hub outside your region. We do our best to ship from the fulfillment centers closest to you when there is stock available there.

You can browse our web store by region by using the following URLs:

Please choose the cheapest shipping option available to you. Note that when items ship from a more expensive shipping hub, it is usually denoted during checkout. Be prepared to pay VAT, customs, taxes etc if your shipping is noted as international. 

You will receive a shipment notification e-mail with a tracking number when your shipment is dispatched. Please be patient with receiving your tracking number as we have partnered with several different shipping partners and fulfillment hubs. Each partner has different shipping queues and turnaround times, so shipping confirmation emails can vary - especially with preorder items.

Problem with your Shipment or Tracking Information?

Here is a general overview of our fulfillment partners by region with links to their help desk should you have any additional shipping questions about your order or tracking information:

For any other questions about your order, please include your order number and fill out this form: