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Set a Watch: Doomed Run

Set a Watch: Doomed Run

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Set a Watch: Doomed Run is the culmination of the entire Set a Watch series into a replayable campaign and big box storage solution.

Doomed Run is our big box storage solution and replayable/resettable campaign across the 7 realms of the kingdom.  In order to enjoy a complete run as written, YOU MUST OWN: Set a Watch (Deluxe or retail), Outriders, Swords of the Coin, and Forsaken Isles.  Each run starts with a party of 6 Adventurers called together by the Queen Regent of the Kingdom to stop the Unhallowed threat. On your first playthrough we start you with the 6 adventurers from the original game and have numbered realm envelopes that will guide and unlock content in a specific order.
The Royal will be joined by the Bard and Knight characters (in case you missed them) along with 4 brand new characters for Doomed Run that we are keeping secret until the game arrives on your doorstep!
Each realm is broken up into two short games (4 rounds) and 1 final game (5+ rounds) and features custom built creature and location decks.  At the start of a realm, you pick four Adventurers and cannot switch to new adventurers until the next realm or until one of them dies... permanently.  That's right, any character that ends a game fully exhausted is no longer playable for the rest of that run, so you'll want to make sure that you're taking on Side Quests to unlock new characters and their Mythic Items.
Before each game, you will select a Side Quest.  Side Quests are risky and modify the game you are playing to make it harder, but are the only way to add more characters to your company or acquire Mythic Items.
Mythic Items are new powerful items that can only be wielded by the adventurer they belong to.  A Mythic Item does not count towards an Adventurer's two item limit and exemplify the pinnacle of that character's abilities. Best of all, Mythic Items are a modular expansion that can be introduced into ANY normal game of Set a Watch by simply shuffling your character's mythic into the Merchant's Item deck at the start of the game.
At the end of each Realm, you will have to make the tough choice of who to leave behind as a Warden of that Realm.  Each character has a Warden ability that will help you out in the next realm, but they will not be playable again until the final realm (if you make it that far).  Will you warden and save your favorite adventurer for the final battle? or do you risk their life and keep them in your party? When you finally reach the final realm, you will pick a 4 character party and take them and your 6 Wardens into the final battle!
Doomed Run is designed to be played over 7-20 game sessions (each session lasting 45 - 120 minutes) and includes a save/storage system that makes recording your progress easy.  Runs are replayable and resettable with side quests and starting adventurers in subsequent runs being randomized for additional difficulty and variability.
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